There’s nothing like the Moment
when you first look into your baby’s eyes…
Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming awe, gratitude and love.
That’s why I love newborn photography.
In those first weeks your baby is so tiny and innocent, they have their own personality and character shining through.
As a photographer, I capture those moments so when you look at the photos you realise: Wow – my baby is absolutely perfect.
Because the day will come when your baby becomes a toddler, a youth, and eventually an adult. And the day will also come when they’ll look back at the photos and know how loved they are.

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Our Beautiful Journey

Your baby's first year of life in 4 photo sessions
The "Our Beautiful Journey" package documents your baby's first year of transformation:
from when you're still pregnant, to when your baby's sitting up, crawling and taking their first steps.
With the Our Beautiful Journey, we capture your baby’s milestones so you don’t miss a thing.

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Our individual sessions

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I offer a suite of photography sessions for your newborn and growing family.
I promise a fun and vibrant photography session, bursting with colour and creativity.
Here’s my personal guarantee: if your baby is having an “off day” and we don’t get enough quality shots, I will reschedule the shoot at no additional cost.

Our client's reviews

  • We had a fantastic family shoot at Ashley Low’s studio. She was very patient and professional with us and knows her craft well. Very happy with the results she got for our family.

    Her studio is lovely too. She has got different backgrounds to shoot with too. Next shoot six months later and that time it will be an outdoor one. 😊😊👍👍


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Everyday we see babies and mummies with some common problems that may affect your everyday life, stress and sometimes the outcome of our photoshoots. So we read it up, research and compile into articles here to share with you our learnings. In addition, look out for our blog posts about some of the beautiful sessions we do.


Our returning customers tell us why they keep coming back to us.
In this part 1 of 2 of the video, some of our customers who have used our services many times shared why they do so - from their first impressions when they visited our studio, how it is like working with us, to why their families feel relaxed and have fun at our studio.
Our customers shared their lovely experience working with us.
In this part 2 of the video, our returning customers share the reasons for choosing a professional photography studio like us, and share more importantly their experiences working with us and the photos that leave them lasting memories.

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