One-on-One Newborn Mentorship: SGD$1500

This training workshop will be custom-designed just for you. You may be a beginner to newborn photography and want to kick-start in this genre by getting to know about newborns, how to handle them, and pose them differently. Or you may already be starting to photograph newborns but there are areas of uncertainty.


Newborn mentoring session includes:

  • Preparing the room for a newborn
  • How a typical newborn session flows and consideration of variety of poses/props vs age of baby
  • How to prepare, style and set-up for a newborn session
  • Various ways to wrap baby
  • Posing baby in various setups - on back in basket, on tummy on basket, beanbag, etc
  • Incorporating props
  • Baby comfort and safety
  • Shooting awake babies
  • Looking for details
  • Posing mum, dad and baby (optional)
  • Posing sibling (if any)
  • Includes techniques such as settling newborns, reading signs for wind & burping, watching for signs of discomfort & signs of waking up to avoid certain poses.


Participant will also receive a follow up review help 3 months after the workshop.

A certificate of training will be issued upon completion of the workshop.

A pre-consultation call will be arranged to evaluate where you are at, at newborn photography.

This workshop is for photographers who already know how to use a DSLR so camera & shooting basics won't be covered. Attendee needs to bring a DSLR. This workshop will not be for photographers who has run their own business specialising in newborn photography for more than 2 years. Overseas photographers are welcome.

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