Highlights of 2018!

As we count down to 2019 (literally in 2 days!!), we are excited to share the milestones we have for 2018. 2018 brought a lot of highs and lows and we are grateful for all the small and big things that have come our way this year. Here’s to hoping for 2019 to be a breath of fresh air as we grow and continue to capture the beautiful families and their precious moments!
Now onto our milestones of 2018! 
Watch Me Grow Book Launch and Workshops!
This is the year that Ashley became a full fledged author, with her very own published book “Watch Me Grow: A 12 Step Guide To Photographing Your Baby’s First Year” to help parents be able to take pictures of their babies in their first year, using minimal equipment at home! We kicked it off into a carnival event, inviting brands that are family and baby friendly to come down and join in on the fun! Even past clients came down with their little ones to enjoy the Sunday Funday and show their support. It was a memorable event for parents, kids and us!
Following the launch, Ashley also took up the role of educator as she commenced her workshops under her book! Excited parents to be, seasoned parents with their little ones and even aunts came down to our workshops to learn and apply techniques taught in Ashley’s book!
Introducing Newborn/Maternity Photography Overseas
This year marked the first time that Ashley went overseas to teach Newborn/Maternity Photography! Ashley was invited to Bangkok, Thailand to host a talk on the introduction to Newborn/Maternity Photography! She had a lovely time with interested photographers who were keen to jump in to this particular niche. It was heartwarming to see many of the Thai photographers (who come from different photographic backgrounds) engaged and eager to learn! It was a fruitful experience for Ashley, and It also marked the start of new ventures and more to come in the following years!
Influencers Galore
This year also saw us working with influencers! We got to meet Joshua Ang (an former local movie actor!) and his lovely wife, Sharon, and their little one, Jedaiah! The trio came in for Jedaiah’s Tummy to Tippy Toes shoot and we ALL fell in love with the little one (so chubby!!). We also got to meet a local guitarist, Scarlet, who came in for her maternity shoot!

And of course, we could never forget, our trusty Nadia who we are constantly star struck over! She has been a supporter of ours for quite some time now, and watching her little ones - Aidan and Davina - grow up is basically one of our favourite things to do!

New Creative Themed Shoots! 
We started the year with a resolution to have more mini shoots, and we are proud to say we have accomplished it! We brought new setups and ideas to our mini shoots this year, with our Floral Mini Shoot, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even a mini Superhero themed shoot!
Prizes and Accolades 
This year we have blossomed beautifully, from features in established magazines such as Expat Living! We are heartened to see our hard work rewarded and well received!
 Ashley also added another award under her belt when she clinched the Silver Prize for RISE International Photography Awards under the category of Newborn Photography!These international awards are high accolades and constantly challenges the photography field to produce and capture beautiful and impacting moments!
Congratulations Ashley!
Expat Living Feature
7’s The Magical Number!
This year is also the year we turned 7! Ashley Low Photography was established in 2011 and we have come a long way from where we were. In addition, this year also brought new faces to the ALP family, with more staff joining the ranks of this studio!
APPLE Store X Ashley Low 
A sweet way to conclude the end of the year. Ashley was invited down to the Apple Store Orchard Road to do a talk and hands on session for her book. It was nice to see a good turnout, as parents and even aunts, brought their little ones down for the session. Even some of the Apple staff were intrigued and took part in the fun. All who attended were engrossed and engaged during the talk and hands on session, where they attempted to take photos of their baby in a set-up while Ashley advised!
Well, it has been a fulfilling year here at Ashley Low Photography, and we are super excited to see what the 2019 will bring us!

Article by ~ Abigail Lazarus 

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