Our Beautiful Journey

If you’re planning on taking maternity and newborn photos, why not document your baby’s first year?

Our Beautiful Journey is a bundle package where we create a photographic journey of your baby’s growth milestones:
1. Pregnancy (34-36 weeks of pregnancy) (or swop this for a family shoot when baby turns 12-15 months old)
2. Newborn (between 5 -14 days old)
3. Tummy (between 3-6 months old)
4. Tippy toes (between 6-12 months old)
Time will fly by quicker than you imagine. I want to help you preserve moments you can look back on 10 years from now.

What it looks like

We can take the photos all the way until your baby turns two, but we’ll likely schedule the sessions within the year to capture all the main milestones.
Family members and siblings can join too and we’ll have a styling consultation before each shoot to make them extra personal.
Unlike the rest of the sessions, with the Our Beautiful Journey bundle you’ll receive ALL the digital photos, along with a physical album so you can see the journey of growth bound in a beautiful keepsake.

Price starts from $1050 nett for 4 photoshoot sessions (with payments spread over 1-2 years). Enquire for more details now.