Our Products: What to pick when you are picky!

Photos are lovely memories you would be excited to document, so photoshoots are fun ways of getting your loved ones together to do so! The difficulty comes afterward, when you sit down and take time to choose the photos, while hard to do so, even harder when everything is so lovely! Some of the parents we have spoken to shared with us on their difficulty in choosing the manner in which they want their photos to be in. It is hard when you are spoilt for choices! Others want more research into how they can decorate their homes with their special memories, and which manner they can do so. 


Having helped many enquiring families like this and more during this selection period, we consider ourselves well-established on finding the perfect product to encompass your memories! So we are here to lend you a guiding hand to all the different collection products that we have, and hope from this, you can find the perfect fit for your household!


Let start with everyone’s basic must haves. Albums have been the traditional form of memory keepsakes since the 1850s, it’s no wonder that nearly every house has many albums of memories lying around for perusal. I don’t know about you all, but in my older childhood albums, the colours and sharpness of the photos fade away slowly as it ages. That is why we went out on a hunt to look for albums that have a longer lifespan, and will assure you that your photograph details won’t get smudged by the transparent cover seen in old albums; and this is done so by literally printing it into the paper! 

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Coffee Table Photo Books

A beautiful version to place at your - you guessed it - coffee table! Unlike the other albums in this collection, this photo book is much like magazine, with your photographs printed on a thick paper with an arching spine when flipping through. These are great for accumulating over the years, as unlike the cardboard pages of the other albums, these are of paper, thus the book is thin and light. You would be able to collect several of these to be displayed with ease over the years!

Pick this if you are, looking for a casual option for those who wish to have several of these over the years to form a series of albums!

Expresso Coffee Table Album

What’s the difference, you ask? The colours and presentation of the album! Each of these expresso albums have one thing in common, the richness in the colours that is portrayed in your photos. If anything, they enhance it’s brilliance, making it a timeless essential! Each photograph is printed onto a cardboard page as well, so unlike the photobook made of photo paper prints, these have a sturdier frame. 


Pick this if you are, looking to project the rich vibrant colours of your photographs and print them into memory! 

Artisan Album 

If you are looking for a modern twist on your classic album, go for this Japanese beauty! Inspired with the decadent Japanese silk or cotton fabric, of your choice, this album is different from the rest with varying textures! Each cardboard page comes with a layer of matte lamination, that allows your photos, while vibrant, provide a soft muted feel. This matte lamination also works as a protective layer for your photos!

Pick this if you are, looking for a softer look on your photos. These go great with albums that have neutral or pastel toned pictures!

Premium Leather Albums 

Luxury is the only word that comes to mind when we say the word Premium. This beauty is a heart-stopper from the moment you receive it because it is customisable in all aspects. From the front frame sizing to the colour and material you wish to cover your album in to the size of the album, you have a choice! Each album is completely unique because it is custom made for the individual’s taste. There is a large variety of material choices you will encounter with this album, from leather to satin to vinyl etc. Each cardboard page is also coated with a special solution that allows the photo to have a higher longevity than any of the other albums! 

Pick this if you are, feeling choosy! This album is essentially a photo album version of Build-A-Bear! A higher range of choices means your album is that much more personal! 

Table Toppers

While albums are classically beautiful, these next batch of table toppers are modern. These are new additions to our collections and take your timeless photos to a whole new level in their presentation! 

Now, if you are looking for a variety when it comes to decorating your table, or your mantle, we have you covered in two sections. If you are looking for a fun and versatile product, the Mounted Fine Art Prints are your best option! If you are looking for a highlight to be placed on your table (and will outshine anything else on said table), one of our newer additions, the lumitile will fit you perfectly.

Mounted Fine Art Prints

Photograph papers are thin and often crease unless you’re placing it in an album, and that’s the difficulty a lot of us face when we are keeping photos for years. With Mounted prints, that problem is basically non existent because of its sturdy structure. Even better, you can place it literally anywhere! Propped against the wall or mantle or table, your choice is limitless. In addition, because the prints are already mounted, you can easily frame it up anytime you want! 

Pick this if you are, looking for a variety of options to choose in how you wish to showcase your photographs! 


You might have seen these pop up on our social media ever so often, because this is a new favourite of our clients. Lumitiles are acrylic blocks that turn your beautiful photographs into 3D art masterpieces. We love these pieces because they truly reflect the colour brilliance in each photo, and the effect is phenomenal! 


Pick this if you are, looking for a heart stopping display for your table/mantle. 


Shelves and Walls are one of the best places to showcase your artistic photographs of your family and little ones. You can choose to decorate them in so many varied ways, and each way is individualistic and truly unique to your family!



These painting like structures are gorgeous displays of your photographs and best fit for a wall or at the top of your cabinet display. In this era, it is so easy to tap onto google to see how you can create your own artistic display with varied canvases and photographs in different sizes, all put together! 

Pick this if you are, looking for larger displays in your home, and looking to do up a wall of photographs! We recommend, if you are looking at a wall display, to get varied sizes to mix and match and add some fun to your photograph display style! 


Nordic Wood Prints 

This very rustic impression is one of our newest additions. A homely feel for those who love nature and have decorated their house in natural themes. The added bonus on this is that this Wood Print collection is Singapore weather friendly! The timber panel resists moisture and especially humidity!

Pick this if you are, looking for a rustic element to infuse into your home, or if your house colours are natural toned and you would like something that fits in with the tropical vibe.

Frames with Mount 

Frames are no doubt the most classic way in encompassing your memories. With historic ties to way back in the 2nd Century A.D, we have seen so many variations of frames over the years. But frames nowadays are different and we adhere to that design and style. If you have seen some of our behind the scenes footage on social media, our frames are glistening in the light, and reflect the richness of the photograph’s colour vividly! 

Pick this if you are looking for long lasting picture frames of premium quality. Unlike the traditional framing techniques, we encase memories in gorgeous wooden frames with cotton rag papers. 

Metal Prints

This is a relatively new concept that we have introduced into our collections. In true artistic form, each Metal print infuses archival inks into coated chromaluxe aluminium using heat. This forms a modern twist on photography encompassing that is both durable and most important when it comes to dealing with metals - scratch resistant. 

Pick this if you are looking for a futuristic and modern vibe in your house! It is also a good element to have in a minimalistic themed setting or a traditional meets modern design setting! Tip: these go perfect with wooden shelves too! 

We are here at the end of the products that we cater! Between the many varied options that we offer, it is easy to get spoilt for choices. However we hope that by simplifying what you can use these products for, you would be able to pick the ones that best go with your family photos and theme! You can always choose a mix and match of the ones you prefer best, and work them into your desired setting, to make your house a more heartwarming place with all your memories and milestones around! 

If you have any enquiries on the packages we have and what product bundles we cater, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at info@ashleylowphotography.com or give us a ring at 6443 3953. 


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