Problems that may affect photoshoots during pregnancy

You’re loving being pregnant, and wish it could last forever. Okay, maybe not forever. But, you want to make this memory last – as long as possible. That’s why (or at least one of the reasons why) you booked a maternity photoshoot.

Pregnancy puts you in a unique situation during just about everything that you do. From your swollen feet to your aching back, your body feels different during these nine months – to say the very least. That said, your photoshoot can be just as much fun as a pre- or post-pregnancy one. How? Understanding some of the common problems that may affect your shoot, and what to do about them, can make this memory-making time a joy!

Swollen Feet

Pregnancy often causes water retention. This can result in swollen feet or ankles. Along with the excess water in your system, your growing uterus is putting extra pressure on your pelvic veins. What does this gave to do with your feet? The pressure is slowing down the blood that returns back to your heart, causing it to pool in your legs. This pushes excess fluid into your feet.

Swollen feet are obviously uncomfortable. Sitting with your feet elevated can alleviate some of the swelling and discomfort. On the other hand, standing may make the swelling and pain worse. When choosing poses for your photo shoot, seated positions may help you to manage your appointment without too much discomfort. Do ensure you highlight to the Photographer about your swollen feet and where your discomforts are so that she can work around it.


The hormones that are rushing through your body are helping your pregnancy along, and possibly causing a nasty case of heartburn. If you’re experiencing this pregnancy problem there are a few tricks that can keep you burn-free (or reduce the likelihood of developing heartburn during your photoshoot) to try.

Instead of filling up on liquids with your meals, drink before or after you eat. In addition, try smaller portions (more often during the day). Avoid spicy foods that are hard on your stomach, and go with plain carbs. You should also stay away from anything acidic, such as orange juice before or during your shoot. If you do have to eat right before your shoot, stay in an upright position for as long as possible after your snack or meal.

Achy Back

Your growing belly is putting strain on your entire body – especially your back. This means that standing for long periods may get uncomfortable, if not outright painful.

Okay, so sitting down is an obvious answer when it comes to easing an achy back during your pregnancy photoshoot. But, what else can you do to feel more comfortable? To start with, sit (or stand) up straight. Hunching your shoulder’s over and slouching may put even more strain on your back. Switching positions often can also ease some of the pressure and soreness that you’re feeling. If you’re up for a standing pose, wear comfortable shoes (or none at all!). Skip the heels, and go with flats or bare feet.

Hair Growth

Pregnancy hormones aren’t just responsible for heartburn. They’re also making your hair grow in a crazy-full way. Yay! But, along with your lush locks comes excess hair – everywhere.

Before your photoshoot make sure to check for stray hairs on your face and anywhere else that’s exposed. While you can safely shave your legs, you’ll want to use a different method on your facial area. Waxing, threading and tweezing all offer easy options to remove unwanted hair before it’s picture day.

Along with the possible problems of pregnancy that could affect your photoshoot, you may also feel extra tired. This is especially true if you’re working or have other children at home. Get a good night’s sleep before your shoot. Don’t schedule your apportionment too early. If possible, take a nap before heading out the door. A well-rested mum-to-be equals a fresh face for your photoshoot!

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