Giving back - To society

I am a firm believer of the theory of "what goes around comes around" and I believe that I am born lucky into this affluent country called Singapore. I also know that not everyone has equal opportunities and I want to share my gratitude to this world by participating in a charity program. And I am happy to have found B1G1 - Buy1Give1.

B1G1 is a social entreprise and non-profit organization with a mission to create a world that's full of giving. B1G1 helps SMEs like my business to achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories. To date, their members have created more than 1.1million giving impacts and the numbers are growing.


Our geographical impact which we have created across the globe.

For me, I want to support children by giving them opportunities for education. So for every photoshoot you done with me, $2 will be contributed to give 30 days of access to a special life education programe for children in India. Though a small sum, I hope my little and constant effort goes a long way. Below is the impact I have made thus far.

Going Further

In January 2016, I decided to join B1G1 on a study tour to Cambodia to visit some of the projects they support. Our trip's funds have helped support these projects we visited. From delivering bicycles to the schools, to building a playground, to seeing how orphans or children in the street can grow to perform arts, to learning English and skills to work in hospitality trades, my mind was blown away, seeing all that I have never experienced in my fortunate life. I cried when I see children with school uniforms that have not been washed for weeks, my heart ached when I see how older kids asked volunteers for 3 pens that they would use for the next months, and from how a teenager looked at me and asked me how many countries I have been. I am thankful for this trip as it enlightened me. The video above shares our feelings and activities in this trip.