Watch Me Grow

A 12-step guide to photographing your baby's first year.

Book Summary


A 12-step guide book for parents and expectant parents who wish to capture their babies' growth with beautiful and professional photos. Create a priceless record for your family for generations to come by learning how to use the maximum potential of non-professional equipment, composing quality photos and crafting DIY props to and dressing up your "set".

In addition to the book, Ashley hosts workshops to help parents better understand how they can utilise tips from the book effectively! To find out more about the contents of this book or check for our next workshop dates, click HERE!

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Author's Note



" I wrote this book because I feel babies are at their absolute cutest in their first year, and this first year flows by so quickly that if you do not preserve theses moments, you will miss it. This book is for everyone, not only those who know how to handle a professional camera. You can be using your phone camera, and capture these beautiful moments.

If you would like to learn more about this book, click on the below poster. I run occasional workshops to guide parents on how to photography their babies at home, so if you are interested, I hope to see you there! "

                                                                         ~ Ashley